Current Bottle

A bottle built from the ground up to improve and elevate your daily hydration.

Flagship Features

Keeps lid off surfaces
Levitating Lid
No Bacteria
or Flavor Transfer
Unbreakable Sprayed Glass Interior
dishwasher safe &
replaceable parts

Ergonomic Design

easier refilling

Magnetic Levitating Lid

You will always have a place to keep your lid off of contaminated surfaces.

flawless drinking

Unbreakable Glass Vs Stainless Steel

Just like your water glasses at home, sprayed glass makes it easy to clean, prevents bacteria growth, and has no flavor transfer

No Bacteria
No Metallic Taste
No Flavor Transfer
seamless cleaning

Replaceable Core

Dishwasher safe cores so you can have one in your bottle, one in your cabinet, and one in your dishwasher.

better longterm use

Interchangeable Sleeve

Designed with an easy release mechanism, either replace a damaged sleeve or sport a new look without having to buy a brand new bottle.


Choose your color

Pearl White
Ocean blue
Midnight Black

Choose your color

Jan 2023 Delivery
Coming Soon
(Q1 23)
Coming Soon
(Q1 23)
free shipping
30-day returns
1 Year warranty
secured payments

Additional Features

Fits 95% of Cars

Cup Holder Compatible

Stainless Steel
Drop resistant
Quarter Turn
Lid Lock
Sealed but not oversealed
Sealed but not oversealed
One Handed Drinking